Cruise: 316N19921204 (dataset:CARINA)   Data product: CARINA   Successor: GLODAPv2, v2.2019, v2.2020, v2.2021, v2.2022, v2.2023  

Synonyms (including errata!) for this cruise: 316N138_10; WOCE P17E/P19S; 316N19921204; 316N138_10; WOCE P17E/P19S; p17e19ssv; P17E19S

IMPORTANT information for GLODAP Reference Group Editors: This adjustment version is immutable and published in CARINA! Click here to switch to new version (CARINA)

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The selected Calculated Carbon Parameter has been dismissed in October 2017!
Legacy values will be exported as is and displayed in red with subscript "c", e.g. -0.123456c!
No data available? Insert  -999
No suggestion for adjustment possible? Insert  -888
To calibrate CTDsal use:
   CTDsal_calibrated = (CTDsal - CTDsal_intercept) / CTDsal_slope
To calibrate CTDoxy use:
   CTDoxy_calibrated = (CTDoxy - CTDoxy_intercept) / CTDoxy_slope

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Salinity [+]
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slope/intercept - action [ID]

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Alkalinity [+]
pH [+]
pCO2 [+]
Nitrate [x]
Phosphate [x]
Silicate [x]
Oxygen [x]
CTD-Oxyg. [x]
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CFC12 [x]
CFC11 [x]
CFC113 [x]
CCl4 [x]
C13 [+]
SF6 [x]