Secondary QC and final adjustments for CARINA cruises

This site contains most of the data and analysis that formed the basis for the secondary quality control (QC) of the CARINA data base. The website used by the CARINA group was user-interactive so that values could be entered into the tables, files such as figures and spreadsheets could be uploaded, and comments could be posted. This site here has been "frozen" on June 19, 2009, so that no more entries are possible. The purpose of this is to document the secondary QC preformed by the CARINA group. Details about the web-based workspace can be found in Tanhua et al. 2009. Note that this is the workspace for the CARINA group, so don't expect everything to be correct and perfect here, it is merely a documentation of the work performed, and a repository of the figures etc. that were generated during the project.


Contents and users manual

The CARINA workspace consists of a number of tables with information on: individual crossovers, cruises adjustment, cruise and ships. In addition there is a bulletin board for posting larger files and a directory of comments. The basic use of these are described below.

Crossover table

The crossover table contains the manually generated offset values for close to 5000 crossovers. Also generic information to a crossover, such as position, number of stations is usually supplied. To access the data files and comments for an individual crossover, simply click on the far left symbol () in the table and then any variable in the list. A list of all crossovers for any particular cruise is obtained by clicking on the cruise in the crossover table. You will find many empty cells, i.e. manual crossover was not preformed. A value of -999 means "Not Available".

Adjustment table

You will find adjustment values files and comments in this table. Furthermore, a quality flag (“good” marked with a check mark, or “poor” marked by a circle) is assigned for each cruise/parameter combination. You can search the database for all figures relevant to a cruise/parameter combination and you can find the relevant readme (only CARINA cruises). To access the detailed information of each cruise, click on the far left symbol () in the table. By clicking on the cruise-name you will get a list of all crossovers for this cruise.

Cruises and Ship tables

These tables provide easy access to basic information for each cruise or ship, if that information is not found in the readme files. More importantly, it provides means to keep track of the aliases for different cruises, i.e. old versions of the EXPOCODE or project names associated to a cruise (this information is also displayed in the adjustment table). There are typos in both of these tables, to receive the correct information, go to the cruise summary table.

Other services

Furthermore, you will be able to search all comments that were uploaded (1919 comments). There is also a function to download a csv-format data file with the crossover or adjustment values. Larger data-files, such as the result from an inversion, can also be found and downloaded.

Note on numeric codes for exported values:

Exported values for the regions are binary coded: